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When it comes to television antennas, we get the picture!

When you choose Otago Aerial Specialists , you'll get cost effective solutions and advice on all your TV antenna services. We cater for all types of clients in Dunedin, from single bedroom home owners to large businesses with many rooms! Don’t forget to switch to digital TV if you haven’t already. It’s easy, ask us how.
Reliable TV antenna services


For many years now, Otago Aerial Specialists have been designing and installing "smart wiring systems" for new homes. They range from very simple aerial systems to more complex smart wiring systems.
Our new home hub system works by installing all your appliances hidden away in a cupboard somewhere in the house and wiring distributed to every room, infrared remote systems installed in each room for remote access to all your appliances in any room. Also multi-source and multi-zone music touch panels installed in each room as well as flush mounted speakers for independant music in each room.
We can also incorporate telephone and data systems and CCTV surveillence cameras into these systems.
These packages are specifically designed for each home and are very affordable.
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Expert in TV antenna aerial services in Dunedin
New Zealand is now making the move to a new digital television broadcast. What this means is the old analogue TV channels we have been watching for years are ceasing to braodcast. This is set to happen in April 2013 in Dunedin. This makes way for the new digital broadcast which has already begun broadcasting.

There are two ways of receiving digital television. One is via a UHF antenna, this requires a reasonable UHF signal. Some areas of Dunedin have poor UHF signals and this type of digital may not be available in your area. If unsure, you can check the Freeview website or call us for advice. You will also require either a television with built-in freeview or a set-top box for your old television.

If you are unable to receive a UHF signal, you will need to receive your digital television through a satellite dish. This is available everywhere as the signal is broadcast via satellite. You will need a satellite dish and a set-top box which can be supplied by our installer.

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TV technician holding wires
When purchasing a new television it is important to get the best picture as possible, also connecting all your applicances to your new television correctly can be very frustrating. We have an experienced team of technicians who specialise in this very thing. If you require pick up and delivery of your television or you require it wall-mounted, we can have a technician deliver or neatly install it on your wall with all the cables hidden away behind it.


TV satelitte dish
Otago Aerial Specialists also specialise in larger television systems such as motels, hotels, hospitals and rest homes. Feel free to call and speak to one of our experienced commercial technicians for the best possible solution for your job. We can design and install the best system for your situation.
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