TV antenna installation port in a Dunedin home

Television antenna installation and services in Dunedin

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Otago Aerial Specialists  provides quality television antenna installation, repairs and reception solutions in Dunedin. We strive to offer consistently reliable and cost effective solutions for our clients. We cater for single or multi-storey homes, residential apartments and small or large businesses. We can provide services to rectify broken, faulty or damaged antennas, cables and components. We can help you find ways to overcome electrical interference and interference from obstacles affecting your signal quality. Electrical devices, mountains, buildings or even trees can diminish your signal.

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We’re Dunedin’s local professionals in providing services and advice on:

  • Television antenna installation
  • Getting Digital ready
  • Satellite installation
  • Plasma & LCD installations (wall mounting)
  • Additional TV outlets
  • Commercial installation & design
  • Telephone systems
  • Pre-cabling new homes
  • Home Automation packages
  • IR Remote systems


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About us

Otago Aerial Specialists has over 12 years of experience in helping Dunedin with television antenna installation and related services. You can rely on our team of qualified, professional and experienced technicians to do a superior job every time. Otago Aerial Specialists antenna technicians always work to maximum safety standards. We stay up to date with industry developments, technology and training. You can trust that we’ll have the latest knowledge and skills to cater for your requirements.